Sorry, but when did we get to the point where the tax code was going to cause the downfall of the U.S. if we don’t make changes in the next, roughly, 48 hours?

I find it amusing that people have been riled up by those who have peddled the idea that their taxes are now sky-high because of the stimulus package that’s been passed. Along with this these “grass-roots advocates” seem to have been told that their democratic representation has been completely stipped away. To my knowledge 1) Taxes on the middle class have not been raised and 2) The citizenry can still vote out of office a representative they feel is not conveying their interests.

Just because your side got voted out of power and has decided to actually ask people to pay for the programs they’d like the government to provide, that’s no reason to protest.

And hey, if you think the stimulus is costing too much, let me know what you think letting the national infrastructure fall into disrepair, letting two out of three car companies fail and letting the network of small businesses the economy is built on fall apart would cost.