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Ye Olde Home Office

As I mentioned before, I work from home nowadays and have been doing so since about August of last year. It's take a while to get a good setup and flow but have finally gotten a setup figured out that feels good on my desk. So I figured for fun I'd show off what the… Continue reading Ye Olde Home Office


Dept. of No Shit, Sherlock

From Brandweeks' daily email comes this teaser of a story titled "Media Blamed for Bad Economy": Consumers feel advertising encouraged people to buy things they couldn't really afford Ummmm....yeah. That's what advertising does. It creates the impression that if you only buy this brand of floor cleaner, this brand of microwavable pizza pockets, this brand… Continue reading Dept. of No Shit, Sherlock

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Movie Review:…Around

Sometimes we don't wind up in the places we thought we would. And sometimes we wind up fitting in to places that we never saw ourselves. Those two ideas permeate ...Around , a movie by writer and director David Spaltro. The film tells the story of a young man who, upon turning 18, moves out… Continue reading Movie Review:…Around