QOTD: 4/2/09

Pete VH:

Seriously, this is golden.

I don’t condone piracy (no, really), and I think I’ve mentioned before that as an aspiring writer I’m deeply uncomfortable with the idea of not reimbursing someone if you enjoy their words/music/movies. That said, the critic in me is laughing my ass off. What’s that, Fox? You mean in spite of making me check my cell phone at the door, spying on me during screenings with night-vision scopes, and outright refusing to screen a growing number of movies in advance for the press, someone on your end leaked one of the most anticipated movies of the year on the internet? You mean the hugely lax security procedures in your own houses that allow interns and PAs to walk home with burned DVDs actually caused more harm than my review that came out Thursday instead of Friday? You mean instead of a handful of studio friendly hacks like Peter Travers and Ben Lyons you have to now deal with the sputtering outrage of thousands of fanboys who don’t like what you’ve done with their beloved Deadpool? Boo fucking hoo.