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Movie Marketing Madness: Gigantic

"Quirk" is an over-used word in the world of independent film. I'm guilty of applying it a bit more liberally than I really should in trying describe movies that are off-beat and feature some characters that have some un-traditional aspects to their personality. Usually such movies have highly-stylized marketing campaigns, the better to make an… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Gigantic

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Movie Journal: Gigantic

I watched Gigantic after taking a look at its marketing campaign, so my immediate question that had to be answered was: Did the campaign accurately portray and sell the finished film? The answer is yes, absolutely. The movie is funny and offbeat without ever descending into parody or a portrayal of quirk for the sake… Continue reading Movie Journal: Gigantic


QOTD: 4/2/09

Pete VH: Seriously, this is golden. I don't condone piracy (no, really), and I think I've mentioned before that as an aspiring writer I'm deeply uncomfortable with the idea of not reimbursing someone if you enjoy their words/music/movies. That said, the critic in me is laughing my ass off. What's that, Fox? You mean in… Continue reading QOTD: 4/2/09