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Download MMM: Adventureland

I'm trying something new today, offering each new Movie Marketing Madness column as a PDF download. I meant to do this at the top of the MMM: Adventureland post but, of course, it slipped my mind so here it is: MMM_247_Adventureland I'm trying this after receiving a note last week that my MMM: Monsters Vs.… Continue reading Download MMM: Adventureland

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Movie Marketing Madness: Adventureland

"As it stands, I have no '...and then she unzipped her jumper' stories." It's a throw-away line in Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy but the general idea, that there are experiences in life that we've missed out on having because of some circumstance or another, is applicable to so many things that we can all individually… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Adventureland