Out of Office: 3/30 – 4/3

There are a few reasons behind my decision to take this week off from writing at MMM:

  • Work is really busy and, after what could best be described as a “wonky” week last week I feel like I’m behind and need to not be.
  • There are some things I have in mind for a next iteration of Movie Marketing Madness that I want to take some time and flesh out my thinking on before executing, and that’s hard to do while trying to keep up with the daily grind.
  • I’ve got a couple books that I’m in the middle of that I’d like to finish sooner rather than later, so I’ll spend some time reading and learning and not just adding to the clutter.

That being said, I do have an MMM: Adventureland column that I’m still planning on publishing on Wednesday. But that’s largely already written and it’s just a matter of putting it out there. There are also a couple “digest” type posts that are already scheduled to go live on Friday. Other than that, though, I’m taking a break this week to recharge some creative batteries and crank on work stuff. Talk to you later.