If you’ve been watching “American Idol” this season you’ve been witness to some of the most inappropriate feedback given from one person to another in, quite frankly, the history of television. That might sound a bit hyperbolic but it keeps spinning around in my head.

Judge Kara DioGuardi seems hell-bent on turning contestent Alexis Grace into some sort of singing super-whore. Every bit of feedback she’s given Grace since the first round of auditions has been to encourage her to be “dirty,” to embrace her slutty side and get “naughty.” That has manifested itself in Grace wearing increasingly short skirts and skimpy outfits. Last night she dared to wear a dress that wasn’t so short it exposed the bottom of her butt cheeks and didn’t sing a song about getting dirty with her lover and, predictably, DioGuardi said she missed the dirty side of her.

The judge seems intent on turning Grace into, essentially, a singing stripper. She won’t be happy until Grace wears a fishnet top that exposes her breasts and a skirt that doesn’t cover anything. All of this seems to be under the assumption that doing so will make her more commercial, since that seems to be the point of most of DioGuardi’s comments toward all the contestents.

It’s wholly inappropriate. This is a young woman who’s being watched week after week by girls who are just shaping their own body images. To have her be told week after week that she needs to be sluttier, that she needs to cheapen herself in order to popular, really really bugs me.

I just had to vent on this since it’s been bothering me more and more each passing week.