Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 3/13/09

static5(Programming Note: I had been trying to do these every day but I just don’t think that’s going to work long-term. Instead I’m going to try doing them three times a week on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I think passing on this sort of of general marketing news and trending is valuable and in-line with what I try to do on MMM and, quite frankly, I’m having fun putting them together.)

Social Media: Procter & Gamble brought a bunch of social media superstars out to Cincinnati to talk Twitter, search and more. The company also unveiled a charity fundraising program that donated funds to disaster relief organization every time someone bought a retro-Tide t-shirt. Twitter was alive with Tide re-tweeting yesterday and you can read positive recaps of the effort from David Armano and Kevin Dugan, two of the program attendees. Brian Morrisey, though, is a bit more skeptical and it’s worth reading his take on the matter as well. There’s also a great conversation going on in all the comments sections of those posts so be sure to scroll down.

Video: Conde Nast has become the first magazine publisher to sign a distribution deal for its videos with Hulu, something that could drastically increase their reach. Ad revenue will be shared between the two parties.

Speaking of Hulu, the site is celebrating its first birthday. I’ll admit to being skeptical that it would 1) Ever get off the ground (it was plagued by delayed launch dates) and 2) Ever really work (there was a ton of second-guessing, it seemed, at the business level) but now am a heavy user of the site and love it and it’s dead-simple functionality. Also of note on its first birthday is that Hulu has added social networking through Facebook Connect a variety of other connecting tools.

Online Tools: RW/W’s analysis of Hitwise’s data on who’s getting traffic from Twitter shows more go to blogs and social network pages than to retail sites. There’s also a ton of other deep-slicing of the numbers so go read the whole post.

Google has unveiled Google Voice, its repurposing of GrandCentral, which it bought in 2007.

Media: The Chicago Reader provides a really good recap of a recent Chicago-based symposium on the future of the media business and journalism.

Advertising: First newspapers did it and now magazines are starting to sell front-page advertising space in an effort to please advertisers looking for extra exposure.

According to a new study, PR is better than advertising for building reputation and awareness for complex brands. Apparently not everything can be shrunk down to a :30-spot.

Time running out in the quest for hot girls?

NewTeeVee says The CollegeHumor Show on MTV is on the verge of being pulled after a short single season.

I certainly hope not. It’s by no means the most original thing on TV but it is unique and highly, highly entertaining. I’ll admit that I only have watched the show online and not TV so I’m not helping its ratings any, at least not in the traditional sense, but I’d be sad to see it go. The characters/people are highly entertaining (Amir and his limitless appetite, Sarah and her quest to be seen as a girl by her co-workers, the rest of the crew and their never-ending quest for hot girls) and the way jokes keep coming back from show to show (especially the way they keep intoning the phrase “hot girls”) makes it really, really funny. It’s like “The Office,” only with actual humor.