Marketing Madness

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 3/10/09

Media: There's a notion that's being pushed by various parties inthe media that would try to revitalize the newspaper industry either through printing personalized versions or bringing back the pay wall. To the second idea I say "No" and to the first I say that I already have a personalized news outlet - it's called [...]

Online Insanity

Alternate cause

Brian Solis thinks the authority ranking of blogs as measured by Technorati is dropping due to increased usage of Twitter and other tools of the "statusphere." Or, it could be that people trying to make their own money via ad revenue and carve out a bit of ego space for themselves have simply stopped linking [...]


Pick a business model and stick with it why don’t you

The newspaper and magazine industries started off with many titles only available behind a pay wall. The pay wall for all but a handful of pubs dropped when advertising revenue was seen as a deep pool of wealth that would last forever. Now that we can see the bottom of that pool they want to [...]