static3Advertising: Jeffrey Rayport at BusinessWeek takes a while to get there because he’s busy laying the ground for his argument but eventually gets to the point of saying cost-per-action or cost-per-click advertising is the future of the online ad market. They have higher rates and advertisers only pay when a positive action is taken.

Brian Morrisey (rightly) pegs “culture” as one of the primary stumbling blocks to true innovation in the advertising industry. As long as that culture holds to what’s been done and doesn’t adapt to what’s actually happening the advertising industry can never truly come into the new media world.

Terry Heaton points out how the same problems are facing both the media and advertising world as he tries to answer the question, “What if there is no equilibrium?”

Mobile: Mobile advertising still faces some hurdles but there’s a ton of other behaviors that mobile technology will enable or make easier.

Social Media: Susan Getgood advises marketers to look at the potential benefits of social bookmarking sites. Those benefits, though, are dependent on the marketers being respectful of the communities there and making sure they’re looking closely enough at the metrics to see what’s working and what’s not.

A really good primer on the state of social media marketing at SearchEngineWatch.

Scout Labs is the latest company to join the social media monitoring market. The company has been in limited testing of its low-cost monitoring solution for a little while and is now opening up to the wider audience.

Social Networking: Facebook has reverted to its old Terms of Service after a very loud outcry over concerns the social network would own people’s content. This is about the fifth time Facebook has adopted the “Introduce with no communication, act surprised by the backlash and backtrack” approach, usually followed by the company doing it anyway.

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