agency-chair-bigThe new agency setup by Gordon Paddison, Stradella Road, has signed a deal to oversee all digital brand efforts for Wingnut Films, the production house of director Peter Jackson. While he was still at New Line Films Paddison was one of those working on the online marketing for Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Sony Pictures has brought Michael Pavlic back into the fold. Pavlic will assume the title of Senior VP of Creative Advertising at the studio and will oversee the campaigns for Sony’s upcoming slate of films as well as TV projects.

Those receiving Les Mason Awards – awards given to outstanding publicity work – are acknowledging that the Internet’s tendency to spread information (rightly or wrongly) quickly means their jobs are a lot harder.

The Director’s Guild of America has hired a new media research firm to help it compile statistics on, well, new media as part of its negotiations with studios.