static2Social Networking: Max Kalehoff shares an example of how marketing his company through his personal Twitter account both felt better and produced better results than his previous attempts at doing so through a corporately branded account.

With all the hubbub about Twitter creating a brand level of user on the service, Jay Krall at Cision has a list of some of the features that would be good to see for such accounts.

Media: The Washington Post has added a recommendation widget to their site that is meant to expose related stories from both the paper and other outside sites. Unless I’m missing something it doesn’t seem all that different from the usual “related stories” box that’s been on newspaper sites since forever but, again, I might be missing something.

Advertising: TargetSpot, which sells ads for online streaming radio stations, showed remarkable growth in December of 2008. That could be a sign the format is coming of age and beginning to be taken seriously by buyers.

The shifting of ad dollars online by kids-oriented brands means good news for the biggest kids-oriented sites. That’s despite the fact that a smaller percentage of those dollars are being allocated as part of deals that integrate both online and television advertising buys as has been the case much of the time in the past.

Brian Morrisey at Adweek writes about a new initiative involving SpotRunner, Google and Microsoft called “Malibu.” The project is an attempt to bring the efficiences of online ad buying to the TV commercial world. It’s something that’s been tried before with varying degrees of success (mostly negative) but I guess these three feel they can succeed where others have failed.

Brightroll’s Lewis Rothkopf is absolutely right: When people start curbing their online usage because of usage caps put in place by their ISPs it will have an incredibly huge – and hugely negative – on the online marketing world. You know those commercials about people worrying about their cellphone minutes? Now imagine that, except with people counting their Internet minutes. Ad rates will be absolutely decimated for anything running after the 15th of the month.

Email marketing continues to dominate the minds of marketing executives, with the biggest percentage of respondents to this survey saying it will be a priority.