static5Retail: Research from Webvisible and Nielsen shows that far too many small retail businesses are not fully utilizing online marketing tools, including search, despite that being the primary way consumers are looking for information on local businesses.

You’d think that Microsoft’s plans to open retail stores would be hampered by the fact that Microsoft doesn’t have many products that are going to be strong enough draws for consumers. It’s not a horrible idea, but it only really works if Microsoft takes some level of product offering out of mass retailers like Best Buy and Target.

Really, Starbucks? Instant coffee?

Advertising: Fox continues to get press for their “fewer commercial breaks” strategy as the network expands it from “Fringe” to now include tonight’s premiere of Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse.”

A month after shutting down Print Ads, Google is now shuttering their Radio Ads division, saying it was a risk that simply didn’t pan out.

I think I completely missed the news that out-of-home advertising company Reactrix had shut down in December. That’s too bad since I liked them a lot and thought they were doing some cool stuff.

Search: Interesting numbers on how video has become more prominent on the first page of Google results. Some good tips – as well as cautionary notes – for marketers looking to get their vidoes there and what they can realistically expect in terms of results and conversions.

Social Networking: Facebook continues its solid growth, now competing for the title of top social media site.