Karina Longworth gets her Fashion Icon on

If you want to know what the coolest thing to hit my Inbox today was, it’s the news that the first part of an ad campaign for Isaac Mizrahi’s new line for Liz Claiborne has launched.

Why am I writing about the launch of a new campaign on Inside.Spout? Because this is no ordinary ad campaign: This one features our very own Karina Longworth. Oh that’s right.

If you click over to Liz Claiborne’s official site you’ll see Karina herself – she’s the one in the middle sitting down while wearing a pink checkered dress. You can then click the little floaty thing over her head to read her “story.”

There’s more to come from this campaign – the clothes apparently aren’t even in stores yet – so stay tuned for even more.

–Chris Thilk, Director of Marketing