Get it? The initials are “RFP” – HAH!

I had this idea last night and, because this is the sort of thing you can do on the Internet, I created Real Freelance Professionals. From the introduction:

The idea was born because I began to realize that there are still a lot of companies who are looking for very specific social media marketing guidance, the kind of advice and help that might not necessitate contracting with an agency. Or maybe they just need someone to come in and do an education session.

On the other side of the equation there are a lot of social media marketing types out there who, either because of unemployment or because they have extra time they’re looking to make a little side income during, are looking for the occasional gig where they can do their thing.

Make sense?

I just created this today so there’s nothing there yet, but I’m hoping it will be of use to folks.

And just for the record, everything about it was created for nothing. It’s hosted on a blog and uses Wufoo’s form builder. How about them apples?