Win Che swag from FilmCouch

Paul and Kevin have got a great contest running through Spout’s FilmCouch podcast that couldn’t be easier to enter: Just send filmcouch-@-spout-.-com an email with the best product you’ve ever seen the face of revolutionary Che Guevara on. The iconic figure’s face has been plastered on countless items so surely you’ve come across – or even owned yourself – a poster, t-shirt, lighter or other item with his visage plastered on it.

Oh, what are you entering to win? Good question. Here’s what you get if you’re the winner:

1. Signed program from Soderbergh
2. Copy of Che’s “Bolivian Diaries”
3. The Che Soundtrack with music my Alberto Iglesias

The contest is in conjunction with Steven Soderbergh’s epic biopic Che, currently making the rounds of major cities across the country. So send Paul and Kevin an email and win your memorabilia today!

–Chris Thilk, Director of Marketing

One thought on “Win Che swag from FilmCouch

  1. Great contest.

    I personally own about 30 Che themed products. Now to limit myself to one picture :o)

    Hasta la Victoria Siempre

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