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FIR’s fourth anniversary

You might have heard that For Immediate Release, the twice-weekly podcast hosted by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, is about public relations. In the broad sense that's very much correct but if you're not a PR professional you shouldn't be scared at all by that designation. What FIR, which just celebrated its fourth anniversary, is [...]

Misc Marketing

Put up or shut up

If you're about to get on stage as a speaker at a social media conference and see Josh Hallett in the audience you might want to do a gut check of your credentials.


“Hockey never really left Chicago. But it certainly has returned.”

It's been about 25 years or so since I last attended a Chicago Blackhawks game. This was back when I was just a kid and they, along with the Bulls, played at Chicago Stadium, a decade or more before the building of The United Center on the west side of Chicago. In the mean time [...]