What’s Buzzing: The Spout Commmunity 12/26/08

Now that we’re post-Christmas it’s time to highlight once again some of the discussions and lists going on and being created by the members of the Spout community. If you’ve got opinions on some of these discussions you need to get involved. The lists represent not only a chance to connect with people but hopefully provide some inspiration to create your own competing or complimentary lists as well.

Discussions of Note:

Ebeneezer Poll

The Problem with Time Travel

Top 5 Depressing holidays, etc.

Best Films of 2008

Holiday movies, pt. II — Brad Pitt ages backwards, Tom Cruise loses an eye, Frank Miller blows it

Lists of Repute:

Greatest Noir Films from Chesterfilms

Best Comic Book Movies from d4jour

Gorgeous Movies from slipofthetongue

So Good It’s Bad from zularian

Most Disturbing Films from tmoney

By Chris Thilk

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