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Every once in a while I feel like my digital footprint has gotten too out of hand and needs to be consolidated a bit. This is one of those times. That's why over the last couple weeks I've been importing into this blog all the content from a variety of other places I've been writing… Continue reading Consolidation

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Movie Marketing Madness: The Spirit

One of the key compliments that was paid to 300 when it was released a couple years ago was that the visual style of the film, through the use of computer graphics that created virtual sets, almost exactly matched that of the source graphic novel. It's by no means the only movie to do so… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Spirit

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Live Universe/Peerflix Update: 12/23/08

Live Universe owes me $750 for ads run on Movie Marketing Madness during July, August, September, October and November. They owe me this money because I belonged to the Peerflix Media Network and Live Universe acquired Peerflix. My contract with them stipulates my receiving $150 minimum per month and no communication was or has been… Continue reading Live Universe/Peerflix Update: 12/23/08

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DVD Review: The Dark Knight

When I originally saw The Dark Knight in theaters I more or less punted on actualy trying to review the movie, saying it was too dense to really talk about after just one viewing. Now, thanks to Warner Bros., I've seen the movie again on DVD and can more fully contemplate the film. Many critics… Continue reading DVD Review: The Dark Knight

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Movie Journal: Smiley Face

If you're a fan of stoner type comedies you'll probably like Smiley Face. It's simple and funny and features a great performance by Anna Farris as a young woman who accidently eats her roommates entire stash of pot brownies - on top of already being stoned - and sets out on a series of misadventures… Continue reading Movie Journal: Smiley Face

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More thoughts on store search

I mentioned yesterday that what I wanted in a store was the ability to search for products like I can online so I don't wind up wandering around aimlessly desperately trying to figure out whether tape is going to be in "Home Office," "Gift Wrap" or "DVDs and Music." But then it occurred to me… Continue reading More thoughts on store search