Spout’s Christmas: Yule-A-Go-Go Recipients for 12/19/08

I’ve had a lot of fun highlighting some of these people this week on Inside.Spout. I hope that you, gentle reader, have had a similar experience and found some people to follow on Spout and otherwise connect with through lists, recommendations and more as well as found some of the active discussions in people’s favorite groups that you can participate in yourself.

The fact that we’re sending them something as fun as the Yule-A-Go-Go DVD set just makes that all that much better. You can find out more about the DVD at its official website.

–Chris Thilk, Director of Marketing

: tenenbaums

real name: Edwin

current town: Andrews, NC (hometown is Brevard, NC, home of white squirrels. Had some out-of-town friends over for wedding festivities last weekend and I’ve never seen people get so excited over rodents. Still, they’re neat critters.)

last 5 movies I loved: The Lady Vanishes; Wall-E; Revolver; The Dark Knight; Burn After Reading

favorite Spout group: Filmgaming. How can I not like a group that gives me free stuff? I especially love the Spout car magnet on my Accord.

most unusual movie-watching locale: Kmart. One time while my Dad was taking his time bargain hunting, I watched the majority of “Finding Nemo” in the electronics section. It was showing on the entire wall of TVs, which was quite a sight!


username: dibot

Real name: Diana

From: Canton, NC

The last five movies I loved: 1. The Fall (2008) or 2006 on Spoutblog which was just beautiful, 2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall which really took me by surprise at how funny it was, 3. Stephen King’s The Mist which just had me totally sucked in the entire time, 4. Rio Bravo which was my reintroduction to John Wayne and now I get the love, 5. Talk to Her which I only just saw and am now totally in awe of Pedro Almodovar.

Favorite Spout Group: I’ve only just joined the Community Recommendations group, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Most unusual place I’ve watched a movie: I guess I just watch movies in pretty average places. But I did watch one in the cabin of a cruise ship while on my honeymoon.

By Chris Thilk

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist with over 15 years of experience in online strategy and content marketing. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.