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Picking up the Spare: Doubt, The Dark Knight

Doubt Joe Leydon is confused by the appearance of a TV spot for the movie that presents it as a funny holiday caper. I haven't seen that exactly but yeah, that's got to be kind of weird. The Dark Knight Everyone's talking about this very cool fan-made For Your Consideration campaign for The Dark Knight.… Continue reading Picking up the Spare: Doubt, The Dark Knight

Online Insanity

“Borderline genius”

That's how one of the Spout folks described the "Create a Document" feature you can add on to your Gmail, whether traditional or through Google Apps for Small Businees, account. It adds a button on the right side of the page that lets you turn that email thread into a Google Doc instantly. So if… Continue reading “Borderline genius”

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Movie Marketing Madness: Yes Man

We all have regrets, right? Things we wish we'd said "yes" to or even things we wish we'd said "no" to. Life moves by and we try to make the best decisions possible but hindsight often shows that each of those decision moments has long-lasting repercussions. Some of us take things to an extreme, never… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Yes Man


Glaser on how to save the newspaper business

Mark Glaser thinks there's no silver bullets for saving the newspaper industry but instead offers a cocktail of alternatives that can either be tried one-by-one or mixed together.

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Embargoes only work if they’re backed by relationships

Unsurprisingly, Jeremy brings his usual mix of rational thought and actual perspective to the TechCrunch embargo story: As for the start of this recent PR is dead meme, but let's put a face to it (with Lois) - it started with the embargoes are dead meme, which is just as dumb, if not dumber. The… Continue reading Embargoes only work if they’re backed by relationships