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Marketing is hard

Apparently it's hard work to sell interesting movies that challenge the audience as well as documentaries that aren't about penguins. [Update: Links fixed. Sorry about that and thanks to the folks who pointed out the problem.] The second article, the one about documentaries, at least engages in a little bit of original thinking. It liberally… Continue reading Marketing is hard

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PR Best Practices Hand-Wringing Edition 754

Mike Arrington gave the PR and Tech News wings of the online world a rawhide to chew on yesterday when he wrote this: We’ve never broken an embargo at TechCrunch. Not once. Today that ends. From now our new policy is to break every embargo. We’ll happily agree to whatever you ask of us, and… Continue reading PR Best Practices Hand-Wringing Edition 754

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Screenvision expands advertiser line-up

Screen advertising network Screenvision has signed a number of new clients that are looking to reach the increasingly elusive and fickle holiday shoppers, reports MediaPost. Sony, Zales and Dish Network have all joined the network with new campaigns to advertise everything from PlayStation to diamonds. It's just the latest in a string of good news… Continue reading Screenvision expands advertiser line-up


Awkward social networking

I'm kind of addicted to the imjustsayin show. I should admit that up front. Their conversation today about awkward interactions in the work place involving becoming "friends" with colleagues on social networks is perhaps more errudite and insightful than most of what's been produced by professional social media marketers and industry thought-leaders.