We were thrilled here at Spout to get the news that Karina Longworth, our hard-working editor at SpoutBlog, has been accepted into the New York Film Critics Online organization.

The amount of work Karina puts into SpoutBlog really can’t be underestimated and I thank my lucky stars that we have her on the team. As I remarked to Paul the other day, her deep knowledge of film history colors her reviews and commentary on contemporary films in a way that is easy to appreciate. Membership in the NYFCO gives her writings a good deal of additional exposure, every bit of which she absolutely deserves.

We congratulated Karina internally when the news came down the pipe but wanted to give you all the opportunity to do so here as well. If you’ve been a fan of Karina’s through the years and just want to drop a note on how much you like her stuff or anything else please leave a comment here and join us in congratulating her on this achievement.

–Chris Thilk, Director of Marketing

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  1. Congratulations Karina, I wish you the most success and hope to become as good at writing as you.

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