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Movie Marketing Madness: Doubt

There's little not to love about period dramas from either a studio or talent point of view. They're pretty easy to market (just show a bunch of old cars and other similar items) and they're instantly attractive to talent because they have a high tendency to result in award nominations. That's why, when combined with… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Doubt


Maddux hits the showers

Greg Maddux, one of the all time best pitchers in major leagues, announced his retirement. In true Maddux style the announcement was an example of how to do something: low-key, without a lot of self-agrandization and with an emphasis on how much he's enjoyed being able to play ball for a living for so long.… Continue reading Maddux hits the showers

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Customer Relations 2.0

You don't need to go too deep into the social media marketing world nowadays before someone will bring up @comcastcares. While certainly not the only example now of a company that's doing customer service via Twitter, Comcast was one of the first to put a representative out there who was empowered to actually make things… Continue reading Customer Relations 2.0

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Google Friend Connect now live on MMM

One more housekeeping post this Monday morning: I've added Google Friend Connect to the right sidebar here on MMM. That means you can become a friend of MMM in a very loose way via your Google or other OpenSocial-supported account. You can read all about the release here and check out the video below for… Continue reading Google Friend Connect now live on MMM

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Blogger’s future

Despite the fact that I more or less abandoned Blogger as a publishing platform a couple years ago I still remain a fan of the tool and, more specifically, am thrilled with how it truly revolutionized self-publishing online. Before became open for anyone to use Blogger was the go-to tool if you wanted to… Continue reading Blogger’s future

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Live Universe Watch: Day 3

It's now been three (working) days since I originally posted on my troubles getting payment or communication from Peerflix or Live Universe, the company that bought it. Still no payment for five months worth of running ads. Still no communication on when said payment will be forthcoming. I plan on posting on this until I… Continue reading Live Universe Watch: Day 3

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Easy gift giving

I got one of these cards from Netflix the other day and thought it was kind of awesome. The idea is that they sent me a card with a coupon enclosed as well as an envelope that I could use to send someone a gift subscription to Netflix with. It makes the forwarding very easy… Continue reading Easy gift giving