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Marketing Note-Picking: 12/2/08

  • Atlantic Records has, at least for the moment, passed the tipping point and now is seeing sales of digital downloads surpassing sales of physical CDs.
  • Over the Thanksgiving shopping weekend Amazon had a team of customers at the ready to answer some questions from reporters who wanted to talk, about gift ideas, turning the whole thing into a PR opportunity.
  • The lousy ad climate has NBC still sitting on a good chunk of ad inventory for this season’s Super Bowl, something that makes me oddly giddy.
  • The economy also has had a negative impact on business-to-business media’s ad sales.
  • Marketers looking to reach holiday shoppers are putting more money into search ads, which is only surprising if you don’t read any of the trade publications.
  • Lee Odden lists some of the best community marketing books that are out there right now. I’ve read a good chunk of that list and all are worth checking out.
  • This is a very cool Social Media Adoption curve.
  • ClickZ is fleshing out its roster of social media experts and columnists, which is very exciting to see.
  • Pownce has been sold to SixApart. Pownce is being shut down. The two are not unrelated.
  • CNN has seen the mass defections from the Associated Press and is looking to start its own wire service.


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