MGM to distribute movies on YouTube

I’m a week late to this news, but wanted to weigh in regardless.

MGM has turned out to be the studio that will distribute some of their feature film catalog via YouTube. The studio will start by showing movies like Bulletproof Monk and other catalog titles in full along with clips from other movies like Legally Blonde. While, as the story says, the titles might not be the biggest draws around it’s a starting point for a further relationship. And YouTube kind of needs Hollywood more right now than Hollywood actually needs YouTube. The site continues to struggle for legitimacy, even with its two new ad options.

The story pegs the fact that YouTube has a lot of ground to make up against sites like Hulu that have overcome early skepticism with a nice clean design and the fact that they only have professionally created content there. As Karina points out, this sort of mealy-mouthed half-assed approach to YouTube speaks volumes more than any official statements might.

In the end the studios will pick a mainstream distribution outlet that works the best at meeting their needs, not the needs of the audience. But considering there’s now rampant speculation that Hulu might actually exceed YouTube’s audience sometime next year those two interests might actually wind up aligning for once.

But back to MGM for a moment: The studio is likely to achieve greater market penetration via their new deal with AT&T to carry the high-definition MGM-HD channel than anything with YouTube. That’s simply because the viewing experience will be better for the average viewer.

Economy leads to theater goers making smaller-scale concessions decisions

Two theater chains have reported that income from concessions sales were down as people going to the movies opt for smaller sizes or fewer snacks because of the economy in the U.S. Both chains expect that to turn around in the fourth quarter, bolstered by the films that are playing, which they say is the primary driver of food sales.

Concessions are where theaters make most of their money since the studios take a large percentage of ticket sales. That’s why it costs twice as much to get popcorn, soda and candy as it did to walk in the door in the first place.

It’s kind of a made up job title anyway

As someone who until recently bore that title, I have to laugh at Hugh Macleod’s series of “social media specialist” drawings:

You’re a Social Media Specialist?

SMSs Waiting in Line

Celebrating Diversity

Corporate Dude

Potential Client