Film Distribution, Online

MGM to distribute movies on YouTube

I'm a week late to this news, but wanted to weigh in regardless. MGM has turned out to be the studio that will distribute some of their feature film catalog via YouTube. The studio will start by showing movies like Bulletproof Monk and other catalog titles in full along with clips from other movies like [...]

Off Topic

Economy leads to theater goers making smaller-scale concessions decisions

Two theater chains have reported that income from concessions sales were down as people going to the movies opt for smaller sizes or fewer snacks because of the economy in the U.S. Both chains expect that to turn around in the fourth quarter, bolstered by the films that are playing, which they say is the [...]

Makin' the Funny

It’s kind of a made up job title anyway

As someone who until recently bore that title, I have to laugh at Hugh Macleod's series of "social media specialist" drawings: You're a Social Media Specialist? SMSs Waiting in Line Celebrating Diversity Corporate Dude Potential Client OBEY!