Well of course it is

Of course social media is more measurable than traditional media, because there’s a definitive action that is tied to that media. It’s not dependent on 3X multipliers to determine readership or anything ridiculous like that. How many times did someone read it? Well check the numbers.


Picking Up the Spare: Zack and Miri, Cloverfield, Quantum of Solace

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Cinematical has the full alternate poster for Zack and Miri Make a Porno that I’ve only seen in peices before. I never came across the full size one-sheet among any of the official marketing communiques but did see a small part of it used as medium rectangle ad on Yahoo Movies a couple times. I think it’s a lot less interesting than the stick figure campaign, which is at least memorable.


Via Rex via Waxy comes this Google Maps overlay tour of the Cloverfield monster’s path through New York City, as well as approximations of where and how the human characters attempted to flee through the city.

Quantum of Solace

Rick reports that an Australian promotion for Quantum of Solace that utilized mobile QR codes received over 10,000 entries despite, he says, any sort of mainstream media supporting the effort. The success has Sony looking at new and innovative ways to utilize these QR codes in future promotions.