Erik J. Heels maps out how the Internet will eventually implode under its own weight the various communications tools we use online feed into and even sometimes compliment each other.


  1. In a Google Reader Shared Items Note, Rick Klau wrote:

    “We have officially reached the point of no return. Documenting for the poor souls now watching this trainwreck unfold in slow motion over a course of a few days:

    Erik posts to Which goes to Twitter. Which has a feed. Which he subscribes to in Google Reader. Which he then shares using Google Reader. To talk to someone else in Google Reader, via my shared items. Using Twitter nomenclature. With the wrong username.

    I apologize, Internets. They know not what they do. And I can not be held accountable for this travesty of content abuse.

    (Anyone pointing out that I am documenting this in a Google Reader shared item, which mirrors to FriendFeed, which then shows up on my blog and Facebook will be shot. Because that’s, like, totally different.)”

    For the record (and with as many feeds as I could find), the Four Musketters on the “Intersection Fail” (aka “fun with @rklau”) thread are:

    Chris Thilk

    Erik J. Heels

    Thomas C. Bowen

    William Cox

    Hey, I think when you share something that’s shared or Note something that’s Noted, then the Google Reader Shared Items feed URL for both the sharer and the sharer-sharer (or Noter-sharer or sharer-Noter) should be clickable in Google Reader.

    When I’m done, I’m going to share this comment with the Google Reader bookmarklet:

    Come on in, the water’s fine!

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