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Wheels coming off for real now

General Motors says it won't advertise during the 2009 Super Bowl, part of a big shift in how it spends its marketing dollars. Don't worry about the networks, though. I'm sure there are a ton of dot-com start-ups with lots of disposable advertising cash that will rush to fill their now-vacated slot.

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DVD Review: The Godfather – The Coppola Restoration

I just watched The Godfather Trilogy a couple months ago, but leapt at the opportunity to check out the new editions being released, The Coppola Restoration. The first two movies have been given a visual makeover from restoration master Robert Harris and the director and the edition comes with a whole new batch of special… Continue reading DVD Review: The Godfather – The Coppola Restoration

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Movie Marketing Madness: Eagle Eye

Mistaken identities and shadowy figures are often used as plot contrivances in movies and other stories. The example that springs to mind most regularly is Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, where Cary Grant gets mixed up in a bit of intrigue and is sent around the country by characters mostly never seen but always lurking… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Eagle Eye