Microsoft says they’re ending the Seinfeld/Gates ads after a grand total of two, saying this was the plan all along and not a decision made in reaction to the negative commentary about the spots. I kind of liked them and am actually a bit disappointed there won’t be more. It should be noted that the dollars involved all by themselves make the “it’s all part of the plan” claim a bit questionable since this amounts to Seinfeld being paid $5 million per commercial, which seems a bit high.

(Update: The NYT has more. This is very much FAIL on every level for everyone involved. I liked the campaign, but is this is Crispin’s big idea for Microsoft’s comeback they’re done as a creative shop. Sorry, but if this is the extent of your big idea for one of the biggest companies on the planet it’s over. I imagine there were a lot of people on the Microsoft side of the table saying “We need to launch our own version of the “Mac Vs. PC” ads, but the CP&B folks should have thrown that out as soon as it was mentioned.)