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No travel plans translate to more movie ticket purchases

New research numbers from ComScore show that all those people who weren't taking trips because of the lousy economy and high gas prices instead went shopping online. Some of those dollars went to movie ticket sites, which saw a five percent bump in July from the month before.   With the release of highly anticipated summer [...]


This is why I skipped network TV for the last three nights

Because I didn't want to fall victim to the same problem that befell Pete: "I'd have posted about the prime-time RNC speeches earlier, but I just stopped coughing up blood."

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Picking Up the Spare: Wanted, House of Wax and Tropic Thunder

Wanted A pair of posters for Wanted have raised the ire of the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority, saying that the appearance of Angelina Jolie and lots of guns on the posters glamorized the idea of violence to young people. Universal responded by pointing out the elements on the posters did contain those things, but that doing so [...]

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Movie Journal: Shoot ‘Em Up

There's only the barest of plots that runs through Shoot 'Em Up, the violent comedy with Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. It's really more "excuse" than "plot" when it is there and doesn't amount to much, though the movie is by and large so much fun that doesn't even wind up mattering.  Owen plays a [...]