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They’ve got it backwards

NBC isn't necessarily promoting their fall line-up on Hulu in an effort to beat the buzz. That's just a positive side-effect. What they're really trying to do is promote Hulu with their fall line-up. NBC and Fox need Hulu to turn into big business to continue justifying the effort and this is one way to… Continue reading They’ve got it backwards

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Trib Co. focuses on SEO

The Tribune Co. has made a number of structural moves with a focus on search-engine-optimization in mind. About time.

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Programming changes afoot

Labor Day weekend brought with it a couple changes in the television scheduling department.  First, "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" was unceremoniously kicked off PBS stations. This has caused more than a little bit of upset since while the ratings were low the passion was high, particularly among people who are sick to death of all the… Continue reading Programming changes afoot

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One (probably) final MWW Group post

Congrats to Saurabh Wahi on his promotion to SVP of the DialogueMedia team at MWW Group and to John Ratcliffe-Lee on his bump to Senior Digital Media Specialist on the team there. As I stated before, these are both top-notch guys and I wish them the best of luck.

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Movie Journal: Redbelt

I'm a big fan of David Mamet's writing. I've loved Glengarry Glen Ross since I first saw it and was introduced to Mamet's world and ran out to buy the script of Oleanna (which I later saw on stage), only to be swept up in how all the rhythms that are included in the staging… Continue reading Movie Journal: Redbelt

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Movie Journal: The Promotion

  There's nothing necessarily wrong with The Promotion. It's perfectly likable and non-offensive as a comedy about two guys slugging it out for the manager position at an about-to-open grocery store. But there are problems with the script that even the best efforts of the actors can't overcome.  Seann William Scott plays the current assistant… Continue reading Movie Journal: The Promotion

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Movie Journal: The Savages

A lot less out-and-out funny than the marketing campaign made it out to be, The Savages is still very enjoyable and features one great performance and one pretty good performance from the two leads actors. The great performance comes from Philip Seymour Hoffman while the pretty good one comes from Laura Linney, a rare non-relavatory… Continue reading Movie Journal: The Savages

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Movie Journal: Star Wars – Original Trilogy

When I was watching the Prequel Trilogy I noted the film-to-film decline of wasted space in the movies, with Revenge of the Sith being pretty tight compared to all the unnecessary moments and camera shots in The Phantom Menace.  Watching the Original Trilogy you'll see an almost complete lack of those sorts of gratuitous moments.… Continue reading Movie Journal: Star Wars – Original Trilogy

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Movie Journal: Wes Anderson Film Fest

I took another little detour into the films (at least the three that I own) of Wes Anderson recently and, as always, they wound up being as funny and charming as I remember them.  From The Royal Tennenbaums to The Life Aquatic to The Darjeeling Limited, all of these movies from Anderson (as well as… Continue reading Movie Journal: Wes Anderson Film Fest