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Twitter for newspapers

While it's great that so many newspapers have discovered the power of Twitter, it seems most aren't interested in using it as anything other than another distribution hub. A random check of many of the paper's Twitter profiles, a full list of which is being maintained here, show the vast majority might have thousands of [...]


Skipping a step

We all know about Obama's famous text-message VP announcement. But even beyond that his campaign has taken the approach of bypassing the usual press outlets and instead has been bringing their message to voters directly, meaning it's not subjected to the usual spin that happens in the process.

Social Media

Social Network News Catch-Up: 8/28/08

Nickelodeon is introducing social networking functionality to its casual gaming sites, functionality like chat and talking avatars and more. Nick is obviously trying to retain more of their players by giving them the same sort of tools on the site that they might have previously needed to go elsewhere to use. The problem for Nick [...]

Social Media

Search News Catch-Up: 8/28/08

Vertical search has gotten the attention of more and more people, from venture capitalists to publications in the last year or so. Because the vast amounts of available information found through a general search engine like Google can sometimes be a tad intimidating, these search engines are positioning themselves as tools people can use to [...]


Streaming Video News Catch-Up: 8/28/08

We shouldn't worry too much about this moderately alarmist story that shows overall awareness of, the streaming programming site that's co-owned by Fox and NBC, stands at just about 15 percent. After all, that 15 percent is made up early adopters and influencers. The average age, according to the research, is 32 years old [...]

Social Media

Tools and Software: 8/28/08

SocialMedian has come out of beta testing as a site that lets you find news that's been recommended by others, recommend news stories yourself and generally find stuff that's going to interest you. The site has been in private beta for a while and combines the functionality of sites like Digg and FriendFeed, while learning [...]

Advertising Marketing PR

Advertising News Catch-Up: 8/28/08

Seems that Google has begun taking over FeedBurner's Advertiser Network, something that follows quickly on the heels of seeing that it had begun replacing Feedburner-managed feeds with a management service that's run by Google on its own servers. ----While there are a number of reasons for such failure that run from budget problems to lack [...]


Blogging News Catch-Up: 8/28/08

Sarah Perez at ReadWriteWeb talks about how to get started lifestreaming, which she identifies as potentially being the "new blogging." She goes beyond the low hanging fruit and identifies the tools being used by some of the online celebrities who are doing just that and shows how they can be used by others to get [...]


Media News Catch-Up: 8/28/08

According to new numbers from DoubleClick Performics, new clarity has emerged on the media habits of tweens (those 10-14 years old): Media habits (an hour per day 83% online 68% watch TV 29% listen to the radio 10% read magazines 5% read newspapers Social network habits: 64% go to a social network at least once [...]

Quick Takes

Social Shopping and E-Commerce News Catch-Up: 8/28/08

There's a new review service in town. David Binkowski points to Blippr, a site that collects product reviews that are 160 characters in length or less. As David says, that limit forces the reviews to be relevant and concise and not get weighed down by too much opinion. I'm not completely sold on this sort [...]