Picking Up the Spare: Wanted, WALL-E, Hancock


An MMOG (massively-multi-player-online-game) has been created that mimcs the “fraternity” idea from the movie, enlisting people who can rise through the ranks of the organization. It was actually released before the movie, according to the story, and was a component in the online buzz-building effort then.


Pixar has given a shout-out to a woman who created a YouTube video showing herself crying at the teaser trailer for WALL-E. The woman was given some Pixar memorabilia and invited her to the movie’s wrap party and everything. It’s a very cool story, the kind of thing that reinforces the notion that Pixar is far from a faceless corporation.


I didn’t include this in the column despite the fact that the story was released before I published more because I couldn’t find a good fit for it more than anything else.

Sony is planning to release Hancock to owners of Sony Bravia sets via Internet download in the period after its theatrical run is finished but before the DVD is released. The download is run through Sony directly, seemingly without the participation of one of the traditional players like a cable company and is likely to honk those people off. I’m curious to see the pricing on this. It’s too limited a test – again, it’s just web-connected Bravia owners – to draw any real conclusions about the viability of breaking the window like this, but is an interesting move nonetheless.

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