LOTD: 7/9/08

Chris O'Brien at PBS' Idea Lab blog takes us through the process of inventing a Second Life presence from scratch, including acclimating an entire team to just what being in a virtual world means to begin with. If you're a talented photographer looking to get some additional exposure, that could come in the form of… Continue reading LOTD: 7/9/08

Movie Marketing, Picking up the Spare

Picking Up the Spare: Wanted, WALL-E, Hancock

Wanted An MMOG (massively-multi-player-online-game) has been created that mimcs the "fraternity" idea from the movie, enlisting people who can rise through the ranks of the organization. It was actually released before the movie, according to the story, and was a component in the online buzz-building effort then. WALL-E Pixar has given a shout-out to a… Continue reading Picking Up the Spare: Wanted, WALL-E, Hancock