Make sure you buy your FastPass early

Josh has announced the dates for this year's BlogOrlando: September 25th - 27th. Registration will be happening soon. Having attended last year's version this is one I'm looking forward to quite a bit, especially since this year Josh says there's some even cooler stuff going on down there. Reconnecting with the people I saw last… Continue reading Make sure you buy your FastPass early


Making it up as they go along

Shorter NBC announcement about how they're going to be measuring the cross-platform audience for the Olympic Games: "A little of this, a little of that, a touch of spackle and a whole lot of hoping advertisers don't ask too many questions."

Misc Marketing

Marketing News You Need: 7/7/08

We all want to hang with the cool kids Alan Wolk (Tangerine Toad to you and me) has a great piece up at Adweek about what consumers - particularly those that are super media-savvy - really think about brands and advertising. He has some interesting observations about the usage of social media tools, but the… Continue reading Marketing News You Need: 7/7/08

Online Insanity

“…mostly invisible…”

Steve Hall becomes my personal hero for this post that calls bullshit on the sudden upsurge in posts from Social Media All-Stars about how FriendFeed was gaining traction so much faster than Twitter. While his comments are dead-on in most regards, his scenario of what would happen should "the or @hotmail types decid(e) to… Continue reading “…mostly invisible…”