A few housekeeping notes

Just wanted to share with you all a few quick notes about things here at MMM.

First off, I had been planning on writing an MMM: Prince Caspian column for next week but have decided not to. There are a couple bits of thinking behind this. First, Indiana Jones 4 comes out the week after that and that column is going to need some prep time. Plus, Speed Racer was column number 199 and I kind of like the idea of saving #200 for Indy. Seems fitting.

Also, I’ve taken out the Iron Man widget from the far right sidebar since that movie has opened now. In its place are two new widgets, one for Quantum of Solace and one for Hancock. The Hancock widget comes with a contest that lets you accumulate points for every page you post it on (you have to register but can grab the widget without doing so) and how many other people grab it from you.

That’s about it. Just wanted to keep you all up to date, especially my RSS readers who may not see the widgets on the site.


My secret shame

Yesterday evening when I was asked how my day at work went I decided to omit from the retelling the 15 minutes I spent laughing my backside off at ThingsIDidLastNight.com.