Sorkin fans rejoice

Seems there might be a 10th anniversary DVD set of "Sports Night" on the way. Which is great, but IT'S BEEN 10 FRACKING YEARS!


So many heroes so little time

The Hollywood Reporter addresses the issue of this summer's glut of superhero movies.


So lots of guys parachuting from jet fighters at the last minute, then

G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventure says the movie will be largely bloodless, a stark departure from the old cartoon, where Zartan had his ear cut off by Roadblock after he was found infiltrating The Pit.


Listen to the Hawks

WGN will begin broadcasting Blackhawks games on the radio, something that will single-handily raise awareness that the team even exists by about 256%. And that's a great opportunity to finally include this awesome Onion story. NHL Star Called Up To Big Leagues To Play For NFL Team

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Iron Man

I became a fan of the Iron Man character as a consequence of my being a fan of the Avengers titles published by Marvel. I was always more interested in this collection of super-heroes who had banded together by choice in order to be more powerful collectively than they could be individually than I was… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Iron Man

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Still legs left in the microsite concept

This new study from Keynote Competitive Research, via eMarketer, should be of special interest to movie marketers. It shows that highly interactive microsites are good for use as ways to build user loyalty. According to the research, microsites had the highest rating among marketers as a tool to return "great results," with 37 percent of… Continue reading Still legs left in the microsite concept