The shoulder blades have it

I normally wouldn’t comment on this, but I hate to see everyone being played like they are so feel I need to apply some perspective to the flap over Miley Cyrus exposing her naked back in an upcoming Vanity Fair photo spread.

The story is being played that Cyrus was just there on the set of the shoot and was too star-struck by photographer Annie Leibowitz to say she was uncomfortable taking her shirt off and flinging a satin sheet over her now half-naked 15-year old self. This, of course, has parents whose kids love her Hannah Montana franchise up in arms about role models and Disney execs issuing proclamations about not wanting to upset the fans. Cyrus herself has even apologized for the pics, well ahead of their actual publication.

You all are being played and you should know it since we’ve been down this road before.

See if you recognize this scenario: Sweet innocent young woman who’s at the core of a family-friendly franchise scandalizes nation with sexy pics about the time she turns 15 or 16. Everyone apologizes and feels bad because there are millions of dollars at stake. Only no one realizes at the time this is just the setting of the stage for an eventual career shift into more mature fair, a shift that’s probably going to occur in the next six months or so since everyone realizes there is going to be an end date to the gravy train and there are younger stars that now need to be publicized.

Come on folks. This is a strategy. To believe there wasn’t someone at the Leibowitz shoot, especially since she’s been doing so much for Disney lately with her star-studded recreations of classic Disney characters is kind of ridiculous.