• Wired is working on a journalistic stylebook that’s specific to online writing, focusing on things like best linking practices and web-specific terminology. Seems like a great idea that’s long overdue. (CT)
  • The Wall Street Journal gives a “Blog Relations 101” lesson to its readers, but also includes a mention of Twitter, which is where it probably lost a lot of people. [via Todd] (CT)
  • Some good corporate blogging tips from Jason Falls. [via John Cass] (CT)
  • Greg Verdino correctly identifies the “Ooo…ads…let’s go somewhere else” syndrome that seems to afflict a good number of free online platforms as soon as monetization is introduced. (CT)
  • More thoughts, this time from Lee Odden, on using SEO as a PR tool. (CT)

One thought on “LOTD: 4/16/08

  1. thanks for the hat tip Chris. Do you have any old posts that discuss the issue of starting a blog. Curious to see your process, if so?

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