computer2.jpgLet me just offer one pull quote from the very top of this story by Anne Thompson on how the makers of a hockey documentary found success with online distribution of their movie:

“It is possible to exploit the power of the Internet to sell a movie without a theatrical release — as long as you have a title targeted at a narrow niche.”

OK, I’ll show you one more:

“‘The studios are looking for big-market homerun movies,” explains Gannon. “They’ve ceded the smaller niche films to the indies. We could do it fast and nimble and by the seat of the pants.'”

I will now sit back and adopt a righteous smirk while drumming my fingers triumphantly. More like this, please.

One thought on “Surprise! Internet helps niche films

  1. ugh… i love articles like this, as if they came up with this brand new strategy. 500k, congrats guys!

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