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Define your own filters

There's not much that hasn't already been said about the findings from Pew on how young people are getting their news not so much directly from the source but from friends - through the filters of email, social networks and other tools. But with a few days perspective and the appearance of other stories that… Continue reading Define your own filters

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Bringing me into the game

I keep looking at these pictures Rachelle Bowden took at the Cubs' game and keep thinking how much more interesting they are than the sort you usually see with sports coverage. That's largely because they're taken from the fan's point of view. That's what social media is all about: Bringing the audience into an event… Continue reading Bringing me into the game

Baseball, Chicago

The man in the big floppy white hat checks out

Yosh Kawano is retiring after 65 years of manning the Cubs' clubhouse.

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Surprise! Internet helps niche films

Let me just offer one pull quote from the very top of this story by Anne Thompson on how the makers of a hockey documentary found success with online distribution of their movie: "It is possible to exploit the power of the Internet to sell a movie without a theatrical release -- as long as… Continue reading Surprise! Internet helps niche films