Fun Star Wars stuff

I’m just not sure which I think is cooler. This picture of Tom’s Jawa iPhone background or this Return of the Jedi Scout Trooper that’s been placed with a bunch of fern branches in a glass jar.

Oh alright, I know it’s the Scout Trooper thing. Mostly because I know that if I did that I’d kind of have to set up similar displays for Stormtrooopers, Snow Troopers and other characters. I just would. It’s like a sickness.

First pic of Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe movie

I’ve been harsh on the developing G.I. Joe movie in the past and still have problems with the direction they seem to be headed in overall, at least based on the stories I’ve read.

That being said, this first picture of Ray Park in full Snake-Eyes costume kind of has me geeking out, like, a lot.