Glickman makes an ass of himself

Speaking at NATO’s ShoWest conference, the MPAA’s Dan Glickman says the government should butt out and let cable companies and broadband providers regulate Internet traffic all they want.

Fantastic idea, Dan. Let me know what you think of that idea when no one wants to download a movie legally because it will cost them $75 in extra broadband usage fees.

Studios and their trade organizations need to get over this “but there’s piracy!” attitude and learn to suck it up and foster innovation, not just put a cop on every corner of the Internet.

It’s kind of hard to keep count of all the wrong-headed thinking in Glickman’s comments but it’s fun to try.

My only question is what will they scream as they glide down hills?

Steve Bryant, the gentleman from THR’s ReelPop blog, is getting the word out about Wiinebego, the cross-country venture he and his partner are embarking on. Basically they’re…well…I’ll let Steve explain it:

The plan: Leaving the first week in June, we’ll ‘Bago it Madden-style cross-country, stopping here and there for mini-tournaments, and gas, and probably your couch. We’ll hit SF June 20th. The 2nd Annual Wiimbledon Tournament’ll be held Saturday, June 21st.

They’re obviously insane, but this also sounds really cool. Check back on their site to sign up for updates on when they’re coming to a couch near you.

This is so very, very wrong but so very, very funny

Anonymous Philanthropist Donates 200 Human Kidneys To Hospital