I’ve been so busy the last few weeks that the third birthday of Movie Marketing Madness: The Blog completely blew by me. But it was indeed February 18th, 2005 that I launched this blog in earnest.

I’m not going to reflect to intensely on it, other than to say MMM continues to challenge me each time I log in and start typing. I get a kick out of doing it (except when I don’t) and feel I’m putting out good, original content that pushes the conversation forward instead of just regurgitating press releases. I’ve always felt MMM filled a specific gap between the marketing and the movie communities and that’s just gotten stronger over the years.

It’s rewarding to me on both a creative level and an ego level. Below I’ve uploaded screengrabs of my SiteMeter traffic graph showing the last three months and, something I pay even more attention to, my FeedBurner subscriber counts from the first day I signed up for that service.

SiteMeter (That big spike in January is from my MMM: Cloverfield column)


FeedBurner (Same thing)


So you can see that things continue to grow steadily here, which I’m very happy with. Even more so I’m happy with the way the writers around me push me to improve my own stuff.

I hope to keep doing this as best I can for as long as I can. Hope you all enjoy it as well.