LOTD: 2/25/08

  • If you’re a self-publishing author through Lulu, you can now pay a little bit more and have your work professionally produced and placed in Borders retail locations, part of Borders larger recent endeavors to embrace digital media. (CT)
  • Peter Himler has a good recap, along with commentary I agree with, about a recent dust-up between a writer for Gawker and Richard Edelman over a post that originated with an anonymous tipster. (CT)
  • Jeremiah reminds us that even the appearance of a negative comment on a corporate blog is just another opportunity for engagement and conversation, something that is important to remember since the fear of negative comments is among the bigger reasons some shy away from that tactic. (CT)
  • I’m increasingly interested in this idea of the “semantic web” and Read/Write Web has a good beginning list of things to know about what that’s going to entail as technology and structural foundations evolve. (CT)
  • In the absence of a Locke-themed Valentine’s Day card on the “Lost” official site, fans simply created their own, something that may be the most perfect condensing of the concept of Web 2.0 into one simple example ever. (CT)
  • Rebecca Lieb at ClickZ is absolutely right, that the blog someone has setup to chronicle their disappointment over treatment by Best Buy when the store lost her in-for-repair laptop will certainly outlast the resulting lawsuit itself in terms of search engine relevance. (CT)
  • Stop the presses! You can now fully delete your Facebook profile if you so choose without submitting all sorts of random requests to have the company do it for you. (CT)
  • There’s a new anthology-type book that brings together a handful of posts from a few different bloggers and yet is titled “Ultimate.” Umkay. (CT)
  • Mike Arrington has a post up about who the major players are in the personalized homepage “wars.” The substance of his post is much less interesting to me than the fact that so many services are now catering to those looking for a personalized homepage. The “you’ll take what we give you and like it” attitude is so far gone that portal operators and others have been forced to, at least to some extent, tamp down their own self-interests and meet the needs of the user, something that can’t have been easy for anyone. (CT)
  • While it’s great that Josh Marshall is getting mainstream media props for TalkingPointsMemo.com, it’s more than a little insulting that the headline writer felt it necessary to point out that he was not, in fact, wearing pajamas. (CT)
  • Writers at the Honolulu Advertiser who have their own blogs stopped publishing to those blogs as part of a protest over contract negotiations with the paper. (CT)

By Chris Thilk

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist with over 15 years of experience in online strategy and content marketing. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.