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Variety launches The Biz entertainment biz social network

Variety has launched a new social network geared toward the entertainment profession, The Biz. The site is powered by Jobster and is meant to connect members of the extended Hollywood and larger entertainment community, allowing them to connect with colleagues and co-workers and recommend others while also getting endorsed themselves. I've signed up and will [...]


I know what I’ll be looking for

U2 have entered the studio for their first album of new material in four years.

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Shocker: Few people see Best Picture nominees

Oh yeah. It's really surprising that this year's Best Picture nominees are having trouble finding an audience. Real surprising, especially since these movies receive limited marketing support, even more limited distribution and generally are as hidden as it's possible to make them and still consider them "released." Again, here's the general formula: Greenlight prestige project [...]

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Embrace distributed content

The future of media is in distributed content, especially in the form of TV shows that are sent far and wide around the Internet, finding the people where they are instead of trying to drive people to the one official outlet. That strategy is being used by a lot of TV networks and others as [...]

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Indie films look for ways to overcome distribution, marketing hurdles

Anne Thompson has a very cool story up at Variety about the troubles faced by independent movie producers in both distributing and marketing their non-mainstream fare. The problem of finding distribution is in part being addressed by producers finding home video or online outlets that let people find their movies. But letting the audience find [...]