Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Jumper

A lot of times an actor or actress will be able to get future roles or command a higher salary based on their appearance in a successful film, especially if that movie was underestimated or otherwise came out of nowhere to be a hit. Katherine Heigle is a recent example of this, with her asking… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Jumper

Makin' the Funny

Things I’d like to see

Word is Michael Bay has finished writing the script for Transformers 2. I'll skip the obvious jokes and instead mention that I really hope he works in some way for Shia Labouf's character to rant about the new fees being taken out of the items he's selling on eBay. Nothing speaks to the kids in… Continue reading Things I’d like to see


LOTD: 2/14/08

Seana Mulcahy is wondering whether she's lost control of her personal contacts now that so many people are including social network, blog and other links in their communications with her. (CT) CNN is finally launching iReport, their video site dedicated to reporting done by non-professional reporters, who can post whatever they find to be newsworthy… Continue reading LOTD: 2/14/08