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If you really love me you’ll let me go

I'm sorry, but if Facebook really wants to "improve the user experience" then they'll go the full nine yards and give those users a handy, easy to use "Delete" button they can use to erase their profile from the social network. The ability to opt-out is one of those basic user rights I believe need… Continue reading If you really love me you’ll let me go

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Clone Wars to get theatrical release

As has been widely reported, the first few episodes of "Star Wars: Clone Wars" are being sewn together and released theatrically as a feature. The movie will hit screens August 15th, meaning it's avoiding a summer crowded with other, similar genre fare, including Indiana Jones 4, which Star Wars honcho George Lucas created and produced.… Continue reading Clone Wars to get theatrical release

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Recession-driven adjustments favor online over print

"Just over half" of B2B marketers have left their estimated budgets for 2008 alone despite fears of a recession in the U.S. economy. About 30 percent have trimmed what they were expected to spend, with most (45 percent) of those making cuts saying print budgets were getting hit the heaviest. Conversely, the 12 percent that… Continue reading Recession-driven adjustments favor online over print

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They trying to make me go to YouTube, I said No, No, No…

Interesting piece from Mediaweek on the continued resistance of the big media companies to dropping their resistance to YouTube. Companies like Viacom and others still linger behind their entrenched position that YouTube is a bad actor and that it's going to violate some part of their core business to allow film clips to appear there.… Continue reading They trying to make me go to YouTube, I said No, No, No…

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Perspective matters

Because I like to extrapolate (it's my second favorite thing to do after insinuating) from one vertical to another, this AdAge story on what women want out of the Internet certainly got my interest. It's certainly filled with some interesting information on current trends of female behavior online and how traditional behaviors might be shifting… Continue reading Perspective matters

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Pitchers? Check. Catchers? Check

Amid all the sturm and drang over Clemen's steroid hearing, let's not forget that today the Cubs kick off their spring training camp. Just saying that gives me a little tingle in my...HEY, look at the time...


My sentiments exactly

Chicagoist: Oh My God, Stop Snowing!