oovoo.JPGA little while ago Scott Monty, one of the brains at crayon, hit me up about participating in a program they were working on for a client Not knowing any better, I said sure I’d give it a try.

That client is ooVoo. What ooVoo is is sort of a video chat enabler, allowing a host to setup a call-in show with up to five participants. Scott and Joe Jaffe invited me to give it a try under the (correct) belief that it’s better to let people use a product that’s being introduced than to just tell them about it and hope they believe you.

So I’m going to be planning when to host a series of chats and will be publicizing them here. After I do that you’ll be able to signup over at MyooVoDay.com. And as you can see from either that list or the one Jaffe put up I’m in some pretty good company in terms of who they’ve asked to give the site and service a spin. If you want to join me you’ll have to download some software but it doesn’t take long.

This should be fun. And ooVoo is making a contribution to the Frozen Pea Fund to Fight Breast Cancer for each one of us that are hosting a show so that’s an added bonus.

More updates to come.

Oh – you’ll also notice that I put up an ooVoo badge on the left hand sidebar that counts down to 2/10, or the launch of ooVooDay.